Voices from the field: Studying Slovakia’s marginalised Roma communities
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Within the RIVER-EU project, a series of qualitative studies were conducted to explore health system barriers to vaccination in selected underserved communities. In Slovakia, the study described barriers to human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among girls from marginalized Roma communities from the perspective of Roma girls, their parents, and professionals involved in HPV vaccination who serve this population.
Voices from the Field: Experiences from the Somali community in Finland
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RIVER-EU fieldwork with the Finnish Somali community kicked off at the end of 2021. The Finnish Somali community had been identified as an “empowering example” community due to the unexpectedly high vaccination coverage rates the community has achieved for MMR (measles mumps-rubella) vaccines.
Launch of JA PERCH brings new opportunities to strengthen HPV vaccine uptake
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The launch of the European Joint Action PartnERship to Contrast HPV (PERCH) took place on 5 December 2022 in Brussels. Led by the Italian Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), the three-year PERCH project shares many parallels with RIVER-EU, and hence offers opportunities to strengthen mutual objectives to improve HPV vaccine uptake in Europe.
RIVER-EU webinar summary report
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RIVER-EU webinar summary - Improving immunization equity: bridging communities & health systems. Some of the most important points are captured in this article.