SEKI platform

Strengthening Education and Knowledge on Immunisation (SEKI) platform.

The RIVER-EU project is working with the SEKI (Strengthening Knowledge and Education on Vaccination, platform within RIVER-EU WP6. SEKI is a joint initiative by the Vaccine Safety Initiative and the European Academy of Paediatrics (members of the RIVER-EU consortium). The SEKI platform provides training material for health professionals in Europe, currently including a list of suggested training courses on both general and specific vaccination topics (e.g., COVID-19, adolescent immunisation, vaccine safety, pharmacy-based vaccine administration and so on). The SEKI platform is a living resource which is regularly updated.

As the SEKI platform grows – supported in part by findings from the RIVER-EU project – it will invite users to search for training courses near their home and pre-register, free of charge, for SEKI credits. The website will also include videos, podcasts, and other teaching formats that facilitate continuing vaccine education ‘on the go’. For those who practice regularly and successfully, the credit system will drive health workers to prioritise vaccine-related educational content over areas that they may already be familiar with.

As SEKI users advance through the training modules and collect credits, they will be able to print out a personal certificate, at any time, providing proof of completed training activities. A simple evaluation form will be added to provide standardised user-feedback. The European Board of Paediatrics has ample experience in harmonising training content across Europe and will help develop the long-term trajectory for the SEKI training credits.

SEKI will amplify existing vaccine training content available through National Paediatric Associations, ADVAC, WHO, and others. It will also direct user traffic to educational tools emerging from the EU-Joint Action of Vaccination, the ECDC, the EMA, EU-funded immunisation projects and other stakeholders. Thanks to its participation in the RIVER-EU project, SEKI will have additional resources to map existing vaccine-related educational resources, analyse them and collect quality materials in one online system (website and mobile app). The SEKI platform is also actively involved with the Coalition for Vaccination and IMMUNION (2021-2023) project.

SEKI’s deliverables in RIVER-EU’s WP6 are:

  • D6.1 Establishment of an online system with up-to-date educational content for healthcare workers and medical students, which presents the possibility to register for educational activities and to collect training points once the platform has passed the testing phase.
    Due date: Second quarter of 2023
  • D6.2 Report based on lessons learned in RIVER-EU and exclusive Strengthening Education and Knowledge on Immunisation (SEKI) training materials dedicated to cultural competency working on migrant and minority health, as well as online platform sustainability.
    Due date: Second quarter of 2026

Strengthening the leadership and capacities of health professionals to engage with the community to implement locally viable solutions is critical to ensuring that RIVER-EU’s outcomes contribute to long-term change.

By the end of the RIVER-EU project, the SEKI platform will be able to provide a single-stop resource to improve knowledge on immunisation for paediatricians and medical students. Users will be encouraged to take a life-course approach to vaccine education covering aspects such as vaccine communication, immunisation safety, and vaccine preventable diseases with a special focus on high-risk populations and communities with lower vaccine uptake.

The SEKI platform is available via the SEKI website and various social media channels. Stay in touch and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook for more updates.
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