A Personal Journey – Why Genuine Engagement Matters in Health Initiatives

Mr. KR, originally from Afghanistan, has been living in Greece for more than 20 years. His journey has been one of adaptation and perseverance. Fleeing the Taliban’s regime as a teenager, KR found refuge in Greece, where he immersed himself in the language and pursued studies in electronic engineering. However, due to the economic crisis happening at the time…

Strategies for boosting vaccination uptake among Ukrainian migrants in Poland – An interview with Prof. Serhij Nyankowsky

Dr. Serhij Nyankowsky

This insightful written interview explores health system barriers faced by Ukrainian migrants in Poland. Amidst numerous challenges, Prof. Nyankowsky unveils promising interventions that help improve equitable access to healthcare. Through targeted educational campaigns and the engagement of Ukrainian doctors working in the Polish health system, there lies a pathway to empowerment and ensuring that migrants take informed decisions concerning their health.

Interview Insights: Addressing Health System Barriers for Refugees and Migrants in Greece

An Interview with Eugenie Gargalestou, Teacher at the Multicultural School of Athens. The school is one of the local pilot sites in Greece, working closely with RIVER-EU consortium partner Prolepsis, an organisation leading project work on WP4 “Implementation and Evaluation of tailored interventions”.